SEE Change, formerly MPIRG, was established in 1971


MPIRG becomes SEE Change!


MPIRG headed the Civic Engagement Task Force that led to a historical voter turnout rate on UMD's campus. Knocking over 1,000 doors on campus and in the community and registering over 1,500 individuals to vote. UMD received the 

Gold Seal from the ALL IN Challenge for having a 2018 campus voting rate between 40-49% in the 2018 midterm election!


MPIRG helps defeat proposed marriage, voter ID amendments, and organizes over 13,000 MN students to vote NO. Mobilizes record voter turnout in student districts.  


MPIRG helps draft and pass the Minneapolis Business Recycling Ordinance with a unanimous city council vote. 

MPIRG works in Coalition to pass the Complete Streets legislation by collecting over 5,000 postcards of support. 


MPIRG produces the Vagina Monologues, Eve Ensler's groundbreaking play bringing material from hundreds of interviews, for the eight years and raises $110,000 for women's shelters and advocacy. 



MPIRG wins a campaign at the University of Minnesota to ensure that all apparel is sweatshop free. Students successfully convince campus administration to sign onto a Code of Conduct. 


MPIRG passes truth in environmental advertising legislation that is drafted and first introduced in 1983. 


MPIRG re-establishes the Renters Credit Property tax refund, which has been cut 33%. 

MPIRG establishes a statewide, toll-free Tennant/Landlord hotline. 



After a six-year legal and legislative battle, MPIRG passes the Boundry waters Canoe Area and Wilderness Area Act creating the nation's sole "paddle-only" wilderness area. 


MPIRG helps to pass legislation requiring lobbyists to register and disclose spending and contributions, establishing the Minnesota Ethical Practices Board to oversee them. 


University of Minnesota students petition 63% of the student body to establish the first "PIRG" chapter in the country. Statewide 50,000 students sign petitions to create a dozen other chapters.