"Our Planet, Our Future"

March 28th, 2019-- Harborside Convention Center (DECC)

The world is only “ours” for so long before it becomes someone else's. The impacts that we make on the environment today can have dramatic ripple effects for generations to come. We know this because we are already feeling the climate impacts today from decisions made by our parents and our grandparents.


Most of the time, the conversation gets entangled on whom to blame rather than how to move forward and mend the mistakes made. So if you won’t take the blame for the impacts that resulted in our inability to have clean lakes to swim in, fresh drinking water, high air quality, an abundance of trees, etc. then we will. We will take the blame so we can move beyond pointing figures and come to the table to change the climate crisis.

We work to always consider the environmental impacts that are made in areas of poverty. We will broaden our eyes to the concept of environmental racism and discrimination.

We will work hard for a better, cleaner, and healthier world for those who come after.

We will claim responsibility. We will Identify Solutions. We will Step up and make changes.

Join us on March 28th, for the first environmental summit entirely run by Students across the Midwest. Rise with us to move beyond blame and see real change.

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"Our Planet, Our Future" 

2019 Enviornmental Summit 

DECC- Harbor Side Convention Center

350 Harbor Drive

Duluth MN 55802-55807

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